The EEx connects people for exchanging experiences. The provider of the information called assistant does not need to be professionally educated in the area of the help but needs to provide evidence of his or her experience in the field of assistance. Our customers can then choose which assistant suits their needs. The EEx forces the assistants to provide only meanfull, legally, and culturally acceptable information to the customer and gives the customer a refund guarantee for the given information.

The EEx is a relatively new company which started in August 2017. The company has several different platforms which provide the customers with specific experiences. The first experience is language learning. We are learning our mother language by experiencing living among native speakers. In this platform (called “Origo Land”) the customer learns a language only from native speakers. The second experience is about studying abroad and called “Study Go Land”. In this platform, EEx assistants are  students that are living over overseas, and the customers are the students wishing to explore overseas education possibilities.


Ali Jenabidehkordi is currently a Ph.D. student in the area of computational engineering in Bauhaus University Weimar. He received his master degree in structural engineering in 2012 from Urmia University and his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in 2008 form Azad Univesity. Along with his studies, Jenabi has cooperated as a research assistant in UTM university and as a mechanical designer in UURT. From 2013 he is honored to teach numerical simulation (Finite Element Method) to master students of Bauhaus Univesity as a teacher assistants.

Jenabi’s abroad studying allowed him to understand the advantage of living in a multicultural environment and difficulties of reaching out to entirely new cultures. The “Study Go Land” was his first approach to introduce all students to study abroad and enjoying its benefit along with providing them with updated information form those hows already studying oversees. The big idea of EEx occurred to him by expanding the “Study Go Land” to all of the experiences that can be shared.

Origo Land

The origo land is a new language learning online platform that gives three different language learning options to its users.

1)    Beginners App: Origo Land has two different comparisons to standard online language learning apps. First, it does not offer a single solution to all its users, but instead, changes the offers language materials individually and updates the teaching patterns at the end of each level. Second, It uses the native children learning pattern as teaching material.

2)    Online Chat with Natives: Origo land, also differs from existing common social language learning platforms because origo land teachers are only natives or have been certified by natives and the certificates can be found on the teachers’ public profile.

3)    Language-Based Events: In origo land, teachers can create language directed events that only students at a certain level can join. In events, no one can talk in other languages, and the natives are not there to teach but rather to correct mistakes.

Beginner App

The Stanford word bank is an open source database that aims to understand how we learn our mother language. The database contains over 64,412 children across 25 languages. We are going to use Stanford database to find the best vocabulary and grammar for each on our users. In this way, we provide our customers with a one to one matching instead of using an average method which is a typical approach in most of the language teaching materials including web-based apps, mobile apps, and hardcopy materials (see The End of Average by Todd Rose).

Origo Land word bank:

Standford world bank only includes children up to 36 months. Origo land will extend this database up to 18 years old with the help of parents and their children. We will ask the parents to add the vocabulary and grammar their child can use on a weekly basis.
Parents will benefit from this plan in three ways,

1)   Every time that we match a premium user, the included children in the search will get a portion of a cent as a gift. After 18 years the child can receive the money to start their life, and before then they can have it only for educational purposes.

2) When they begin to use digital devices and are able to write essays or record their voice, we give them a specific topic to write on or talk about. Every time that we use that information they will receive a gift.

3) Parents can have a history of their children’s learning for free which they can use for seeing their children’s progress compared to others.

This can help parents in providing their child with a better future and at the same time giving our customer better learning materials.


Origo Land has six different plans:

1)    Free account: The users will only match three times in their study duration and with a limited neighborhood. Advanced users can access to all the open events and teachers.

2)    Basic account: The users will be matched at the end of each month’s study but with a limited neighborhood. And the advanced users will be able to both open access and limited access events. They also have priority over the free users for time reservations of teachers.

3)    Premium account: The users will be matched at the end of each month’s study and with all of the children in the database. And the advanced users will be able to both open access and limited access events. They also have priority over other plans for time reservation of teachers.

4)    Local Business account: small businesses who are interested in hosting our events to have extra customers in their least working hours. They will provide our events with a table that includes discount hours. The cost for this type of account is 5Euro per month only to avoid fake announcements.

5)    Business account: businesses who are interested in investing overseas can purchase an offer for their employees and monitor their activities and learning progress. They can also search for native citizens around them for teaching purposes, welcoming events for foreigner partner companies, and hosting their events.

6)    Teaching accounts are free on origo land but if the teachers ask for the money for the online courses, origo land, will get a percentage (3%) of their income per month as the maintenance cost. Teachers can find each other and create rooms or centers which offer nonstop classes or specific topics (e.g., engineering in Italy).

Creating an event on Origo land is free if the hosts are providing non-beneficial events. Unlike, other social event platforms (e.g., Facebook) hosts do not need to pay for advertising their event, but, if they make money on the events, then, they need to pay a percentage of their income only if they receive enough attendants.


Donations to the teachers and learners are possible too and it called Origo.Scholarship. Origo land does not charge the donator and they can choose the scholarship receiver and monitor their study progress too. However, we will not reveal the personal information of the scholarship receiver to its donator. The donation can also name their donation as they please (the limitation of the naming can be found in the terms and conditions of the Scholarships).

Study Go Land

Study Go Land is an online platform that connects current abroad students (EEx consultants) to those who want to get their hands on updated information about almost any aspect of the studying overseas or need help processing it.

The provided consultation can have different forms.

1)    Hour of Recommendation (HR)
The service is a period of video conversation between consultant and customer. The consultation cost on the website would be per hour (e.g., 15€ per hour) which will defined by EEx consultants. The amount of tax and EEx benefit (i.e. 2 €) would be included extra for the customers because the maintenance on the server is high.

2)    Shared Hours of recommendation (SHR)
Two situations that will be unrealistic for our client to pay the cost of HR consultation are: First, due to the global financial deference’s, the cost of consultation in HR platform may not be affordable in many customer areas. For example, due to the currency exchange rate, the salary of a month’s work in India can be equal to an hour of the same job in the USA. Second, the student income is mostly lower than the average salary of the societies. Thus, the self-funded students may not be able to pay the costs of the consultation.

This platform allows several customers connection to one EEx consultant. The consultant will define the cost of consultation as a basic fee (e.g., 7€ per hour) plus a joining fee per person (e.g., 5€ per person per hour) and the EEx benefit is  1€ per hour plus 0.5 € per person per hour. The maximum number of customers is seven, and the minimum can be defined by the consultant but not less than two.

3)    Action on Demand (AD)
This platform is similar to HR with a difference that the consultant performs an action in his residence area rather than talking to the client, and also client location is not essential in this platform. The activities are pre-defined by EEx and can only be done if the consultant can prove that he can perform such an action. For instance, finding temporarily, decent accommodation in the beginning of the residency in Germany is very costly. Thus, a consultant can offer help for finding a temporary place for the student even before they are in Germany. On the other hand, accelerating the residence permit process cannot be offered by any consultant since its illegal.

4)    Performance on Demand (PD)
This platform provides our clients with a face to face experience exchange. This platform has the same offers as HR or SHR which are called PD-HR and PD-SHR. Unlike HR and SHR, there is no limitation on the number of participants in this platform, for example, four consultants can manage a workshop in Spain for studying in the US. The location of the meeting can be in either of the countries. However, the costs would be different since the consultant’s travel expenses may be covered by the client(s). The failure in traveling would cost a penalty for both sides, If the consultant fails to travel, we refund the students with 150% on the workshop cost which 50% will be paid by the constant himself. On the other side, if the customer fails to travel, then they cannot ask for any refund. The EEx benefit is 1% of the consultants income.

All the platform has an information guarantee, this means, the consultant will not receive any money if the provided information was wrong, or not updated. All the communication between consultant(s) and customer(s) will be recorded and will be available to both sides up to one year. Consultants are legally bound to only use the Study Go Land platform for consultation, and in the case of violation they will be charged up to 10000€. Customers will be able to use any other consultants for free until they found their study if they prove that the consultant asked to work outside of the study go land platform.

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